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Organize Manitoba

Organize Manitoba is an online hub that acts as a platform for others to learn and share about social and environmental injustices that happen in this province. If you need a platform to help promote your campaign and to engage others, Organize Manitoba might be able to help you. 

Manitoba Eco-Network 

Organize Manitoba is a project of the Manitoba Eco-Network (MbEN) to facilitate environmental awareness and to promote positive environmental action.

Since 1988, MbEN has promoted positive environmental action by supporting people and groups in our community. MbEN’s activities focus on policy advocacy, engagement in consultation processes and developing capacity building tools that benefit the environmental non-profit sector and our member groups. We are a public interest environmental organization seeking to promote and facilitate good environmental governance and the protection of Manitoba’s environment for the benefit of current and future generations.

Organize Manitoba is designed and managed by MbEN but we are not responsible for the content and views posted on this website. However, all site users must sign a user agreement that gives MbEN the right to remove any defamatory or illegal content. 

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