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Cosmetic Pesticide Ban 

Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba (CPBM) is a coalition that brings together a number of individuals, health groups and environmental organizations in Manitoba. The coalition was established in 2013 to press for provincial legislation restricting the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides.


In Manitoba, the use of pesticides for cosmetic, or non-essential, purposes is governed by amendments to The Environment Act and associated regulations that took effect in 2015. The law prohibits the use of all pesticides (other than specified, allowable substances) on lawns and on the grounds of schools, hospitals and child care centers. The prohibitions do not apply to pesticides used in agriculture, in forestry, on golf courses, or for the protection of public health. A public health use would be the application of a herbicide to control plants that can cause harm to humans by touch, such as poison ivy, wild parsnip or poison sumac.


The Government of Manitoba has recently tabled legislation that will allow municipalities and lawn care companies to resume using currently banned pesticides on municipal and residential lawns.  If passed by the Legislature and proclaimed as law, Bill 22 would seriously weaken Manitoba’s non-essential pesticide use regulation. As a result, lawn care companies and municipalities would be allowed to apply the more toxic pesticides on lawns and boulevards, thereby increasing resident exposure to harmful chemicals.

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According to Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba, there are 5 top reasons to restrict non-essential uses of pesticides:

1.  Pesticides pose risks to human health.

2.  Pesticides used on lawns and in parks are especially risky for children.

3.  Cosmetic pesticides contaminate our water.

4.  Pesticides are risky for pets.

5.  Pesticides harm pollinating insects that we depend on for garden vegetables and food crops.


CPBM advocates for stricter restrictions on pesticide cosmetic use. To learn more, please visit their website by clicking the image.

CPBM has written an open letter to Jeff Wharton, Minister of Environment, Climate, and Parks, and Audrey Gordon, Minister of Health, warning that resuming the use of currently banned pesticides will increase health risks for Manitobans, particularly children.​ Please click the button to the right to read the open letter.

Please consider signing up to speak at the Legislative Committee hearings in the fall. To register, call the Clerk of Committees at 204-945-3636. To learn more about the committee process and giving a presentation, click the button to the right.