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The P.U.B.

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Photo, courtesy of Protect the PUB Coalition. 

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Photo, courtesy of Protect the PUB Coalition. 

Protect the Public Utilities Board (PUB) Coalition is a coalition of concerned individuals and organizations in Manitoba who are demanding the Manitoba government to withdraw or drastically alter Bill 36: The Manitoba Hydro Amendment and Public Utilities Board Amendment Act.


Some of the coalition’s concerns about this bill include:


  • How Bill 36 could raise the price of electricity beyond what Hydro actually needs.

  • How Bill 36 strips the Public Utilities Board of its impartial oversight role in setting hydro and natural gas rates.

  • How Bill 36 allows current and future governments to create new rules on how electricity rates are set without having to justify those changes before the Legislative Assembly.

  • How Bill 36 censors the Public Utilities Board from questioning or critiquing government policy around rate-setting.

  • How Bill 36 allows for rate hearings to be held behind closed doors.

  • How Bill 36 allows for the private retail sale of electricity without a clear framework on what will be permitted.

  • How Bill 36 makes major changes to Hydro before the results of two major reviews of its operations have been completed.


If this concerns you too, please send a letter to the government voicing those concerns and asking for answers.

Please click the button below to watch a webinar hosted by the coalition with Byron Williams, Director of the Public Interest Law Centre.