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Our water is under threat in southeastern Manitoba from a proposed silica sand mining operation facility.

The Calgary-based company, CanWhite Sands Corp. is planning an $80-million project that would extract and process silica sand, which is a natural mineral used in various industrial applications.


The proposal for the silica sand processing plant would include extracting 5.5 CFL football fields squared by 26 stories high of silica sand each year for the next 25 years. Silica sand is located roughly 200 feet below the surface of the ground. This development would allow 6.5 million cubic metres of wastewater – containing high levels of heavy metals and other toxins, annually to be released from the mining operations and into the nearby Brokenhead River, which flows directly into Lake Winnipeg. This will cause major pollution to not only the Brokenhead River and surrounding communities, but also Lake Winnipeg and it will contaminate the carbonate and sandstone aquifers.


Public consultation offered by CanWhite Sands Corp. has been inadequate, and the scope of the project and negative environmental impacts have been minimized.

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map, scope of project

Map outlining the scope of the proposed development. The yellow blocks east of the Red River are CanWhite Sands mine claims. 


This is one of Manitoba's largest claim area ever given to a single company.